A Seed of Life

Have you ever stopped to think about how remarkable it is that a weed can grow through an almost invisible crack in the concrete or a seedling tree can grow through rock on the side of a mountain?  It’s amazing if you consider how it happens because it seems almost insurmountable.  The seed has to overcome complete darkness and conditions that are devoid of anything easy.  It has to find light as it goes and allow that light to direct its path toward fresh air and freedom from the pressure around it.  John 12:24 says “unless a kernel of wheat is planted in the soil and dies, it remains alone. But it’s death will produce many new kernels- a plentiful harvest of new lives.” This is the NLT version and I particularly like this one because it says, new lives. Our lives are meant to bear fruit that matters for eternity and not just for ourselves but for those around us too.  The scripture says we will remain alone if we don’t go through a dying of our selfishness and there has to be death in order for there to be life.  Case and point- Jesus.  He had to die in order for us to live, so really we are becoming more like Him when we have to walk through circumstances that feel like we are buried in life’s junk.image

Tradegy struck our family hard 18 months ago and I thought life as I knew it was over it.  Actually it was.  Because God wanted me to die (so to speak) to what was driving me.  I had become self sufficient and in God’s view, well, that’s backwards.  He wanted to bring me through that narrow crack in the concrete that felt like hell on earth in order to restore life and bring me to a place where I had to solely depend on Him and as it turns out, I wouldn’t change a thing.  Of course I wouldn’t want all of the heartache, tears, and brokenness but those are the things I needed to experience in order to find freedom in Jesus.  When God says He has a plan to prosper you and never to harm you, He means it.  Those words aren’t some old adage that generally applies to us, they are God Himself speaking a devine promise that He’s got it all under control and He wants to use every last second on earth to bring us into prosperity with Him.  If you are needing a word from the Lord, take that as one.  Everything you are going through is not lost on God and not a single line item of your life is for nothing.  His plan is never failing, always winning, perfectly healthy, and on point every.single.time.

So if it seems dark and lonely right now remember the seed!  You are not hopeless and forgotten.  God wants to help you but you have to fight with the help of Jesus to overcome whatever you are dealing with.  Trust me, you will want to give up because growth and change are HARD but keep fighting and you will break free from the bondage of burden around you and find you made it!  It took countless hours digging into God’s truths and tons of prayer, but those are the soil where we grow the best.


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