I believe God has called us to a life long adventure not a vacation.

When I was first married we took a trip to the Bahamas.  We had been in a very busy and chaotic season and we decided that when we were in the Bahamas we were just going to relax.  We did just that, nothing.  We sat for hours on the beach, we took long naps, and we dined in restaurants that took FOREVER!  Remember those that live in the Bahamas aren’t on our fast paced American watch.  We learned very quickly that there is no very quickly in the Bahamas.  As I reflected back on that trip I wished we had done more.  I wish we would have sought out something that was new and exciting, a true adventure.  The trip was just what we wanted at the time but it certainly lacked thrill.

I know this because I have sought after and experienced true adventure.  The kind that takes your breath away, the kind that you second guess your sanity…but do it anyway.  Those moments when you have to trust and hold on for dear life.

The time when you decide to climb to the summit of the tallest mountain in Colorado.  You start at day break and climb for 6 hours as your heart races and your legs and lungs ache.  The air is thin and you can’t get a deep breath but there is nothing stopping you from pushing past the 3 false summits.  YES…3 FALSE summits!!  Nothing compares to the exhilaration as shale slips out from beneath your feet and you slide down the mountain overlooking a 12,000 foot cliff and ravine.  You regain your step and keep pushing.  Your body may ache but that is a moot point.  Driven to succeed, you hike and hike and hike! All.The.Way.To.The.Top!  Victory.

Then what about the time that you decided to climb into a puddle jumper with a parachute strapped to your back and ride into the clouds with the other crazies that think it will be fun.  The ride is deafening because the doors are open as you fly up to over 11,000 feet.  Then the instructor tells you to secure your googles and sit close so they he can strap you tightly.  You start telling yourself “no, no, no!”  However, the noise is overwhelming the instructors ears, so all he would hear IF you shouted would be “go, go, go!”  You stand up and look out to the vast horizon and realize that you are going to JUMP OUT OF AN AIRPLANE!  Call me crazy but I literally jumped over the little perch thing you are suppose to stand on until the instructor says its time because I was so excited.  I just hurled my body out the door and prayed  for the best.  Man was it the best!  Free falling for nearly 2 minutes at a speed so fast all you can do is tell yourself, “don’t let this moment get away, soak it all in.”  The wind, noise, speed, adrenaline, and FREEDOM.  Wow.  I would do it again and again.  As soon as we landed the photographer asked me, “what did you think?”  To which I smiled and shouted, “when can I go again?”

This is the life that I want to live.  One of a grand adventure.  No more lounging on the beach and taking it easy, so to speak.  I want a life lived full throttle.  I believe God wants us to be on a mission with Him that is so filled with glorious adventure that we can not help but go back for more the next day.  We have this one life.  Just one.  We can sit and watch others do the work of the ministry, or we can roll up our sleeves, take a deep breath and tell God, “I am ready!!!”

You have a set of gifts that God gave you to use to bring glory to Him. It would be foolish to bury them or pretend you aren’t capable of using them to do His work.  There is no other you, don’t justify that someone else can do what you are made to do.  God didn’t waste a life on you!  He wants you to jump into the action.  Figuratively speaking, He wants you to climb in the plane and get ready to jump.  He wants you to experience the fullness of what He has to offer for your life.  He doesn’t want you to have a pseudo life that is a shell of what you can actually experience if you trust Him.

Don’t get me wrong, relaxing is ok.  Taking it easy is not a sin, but it’s not the fullness of what He has for you either.  Of course there are seasons of sabbatical when you need to rest and let your mind and body refuel.  Just don’t let that turn into a prolonged time where your grow complacent or lazy.  And remember to refuel on the correct things: the Word of God, Godly fellowship with like-minded friends and family, and tons of prayer.  If we are doing the work of God’s Kingdom and operating in the gifts and talents that He gave to you, I personally know it is almost impossible to burn out.  You can’t help but want to keep moving forward to the next summit.  When you are walking with the Lord and continue in communion with Him, you can’t wrap your mind around ‘impossible.’  God knows no impossible.  Ephesians 3 tells us, “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever.  Amen.”  Did you catch that?  Exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think…oh my goodness!  Why aren’t we operating in the ‘exceedingly abundantly above all’ realm?  We can!  He wants us to, but we have to want it too.  We have to trust the adventure that comes from God is ordained and purposeful. Like that scripture says, the reason for all of this is for His glory.  So He can lead His children on the ride of their lives!

So I am personally seeking the adventure instead of the vacation, when at the end of each day I can ask God, “when can I go again?”






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