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Here we go….

2015 will be a year to remember for many reasons, but the main reason is because Jesus rocked my world with His faithfulness, mercy, and steadfast love.  If you had suggested that I would be where I am today last year at this time I would have doubted you, called you crazy, and kept on my way.  Life threw one of the hardest and fastest curve balls my way but Jesus caught it and laid it down.  Or maybe He hit it out of the park.  Either way He won.

Jesus tells us that we are to love one another.  We throw these words around like this is an easy task.  To love one another…hmm, I think I know what love is until I look at it through the lens of Jesus.  He outlines love in 1 Corinthians and it sounds all good and easy and perhaps we even think that we are doing a fantastic job at it until we realize that we have that hidden thing.  We carry bitterness, unforgiveness, hatred, fear, gluttony (not just food), or any other toxic piece of baggage that makes it virtually impossible to love like He mandates.  Why?  I have NO idea why this is so hard.  After all we are forgiven from our deepest darkest junk the moment we repent, and turn away from it. Not just once but like a thousand times if necessary.  So why do we cling to all the evils as if they will bring healing?  Is it that we are desperately longing for control in a world that seems crazy and out of control?  Jesus tells us that He has overcome the world (John 16:33), which includes all of your junk and mine.  He has OVERCOME the things that keep you up at night.  He has OVERCOME the guilt, shame, grief, and hurt.  He has OVERCOME what the enemy intended for your demise.  He has turned it around and wants to teach you that His plan is to prosper you, to bring you a hope, and a blow your mind future.  Allow Him to do this!  For heaven’s sake don’t start 2016 the way you may have ended 2015.

Is your love for others:

  1. kind
  2. devoid of envy
  3. completely humble
  4. never seeking self satisfaction
  5. not easily provoked
  6. never thinking evil
  7. never rejoicing when your enemy loses or gets hurt
  8. able to rejoice in the truth even when it hurts
  9. able to believe the best even when you don’t want to or you don’t have all of the facts
  10. unbiased
  11. never failing??????????

The last season of my life was hard.  Very hard.  However, in light of eternity and what Christ has done for me, it is simply a lesson to grow and shape me to be more like Him.  I can’t get enough of Jesus.  There have been times in the past fews months that I realized what I have been saved from and how much 1 Corinthian love He has poured out to me, and my only response is to praise Him and cry…lots of tears.  His love is a tidal wave of purity and strength compared to my weak, “I love yous.”

My desire is to be able to love others so walls aren’t built, so truth prevails, so peace reigns, so unity is preserved, and so Jesus gets all the glory.  “Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ.” 2 Corinthians 2:14.  I can do this and so can you.


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